Pat Robertson Says God Told Him The Stock Market Will Crash In 2009

Oh, and he also apologizes for being wrong about that nuclear terror attack he predicted last year.

“I also believe the Lord was saying by 2009, maybe 2010, there’s going to be a major stock market crash,” said Robertson, who is a millionaire businessman as well as an evangelical leader.
But don’t unload your portfolio just yet. Robertson acknowledged Wednesday that his prophecy of a nuclear terror attack in 2007 failed to unfold.
He also cited information from God when he predicted on a year go that major U.S. cities would be hit by “very serious terrorist attacks” causing “possibly millions” of deaths.
No such catastrophe occurred.
“All I can think is that somehow the people of God prayed and God in his mercy spared us,” Robertson said.

The sad thing is that Pat Robertson is no fringe kook. A lot of people listen to this guy. So many, in fact, that Rudy Giuliani actually sought (or at least acknowledged and accepted, depending on your level of cynicism) his political endorsement last year.
If Robertson had no clout, you’d think mainstream politicians would be avoiding this soothsaying nutjob like the plague.

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