Original Black Panthers To “New Black Panthers” – You’re Not Us, So Shut Up

I’ve been critical of the New Black Panther Party, mostly because it’s obvious that the bunch has, A) no real legitimacy, that is, they vociforousy advocate and pursue an equality and justice that in reality was achieved a generation ago by better men than them and, B) they have a collective IQ of cabbage, (see any of their “leadership’s” video interviews) substituting loud irrational protest for reasoned thought.
It seems I’m not the only one who thinks so. The original Black Panthers have had enough of these pretenders as well. They’ve released a statement saying that the new group has stolen their party’s name “for their own miguided purposes.” And it doesn’t stop there:

The Huey P. Newton Foundation Inc., created in 1993 and co-founded by Fredrika Newton, Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton’s widow, said in a statement that the original party was “never a group of angry young militants full of fury toward the white establishment … but operated on love for black people, not hatred of white people.
“As guardian of the true history of the Black Panther Party, the foundation, which includes former leading members of the party, denounces this group’s exploitation of the party’s name and history,” the statement said. “Failing to find its own legitimacy in the black community, this band would graft the party’s name upon itself, which we condemn.
“There is no New Black Panther Party,” the statement said, describing the NBPP as “a small band of African Americans calling themselves the New Black Panthers.” It said the NBPP has “no legitimate claim on the party’s name” and that it “only pretends to walk in the footsteps of the party’s true heroes.”

I should qualify my opinion of the NBPP with this: The original Black Panthers came into existence when there were indeed social issues and injustices to address. Racism, real, genuine racism involving violence and denial of basic rights was still out there. It took courage to stand up then. It only takes a big mouth, protection of the politically correct elite, and the loud promotion of imaginary racism to pose as protectors now. Look at the ridiculous display of sheer stupidity put on by the New Black Panthers at Duke University. Enough said.
Read the entire article at the Washington Times. It also questions in detail why the Justice Department dropped the prosecution of the New Black Panthers who stood outside a Philadelphia polling place with weapons and uniforms, and it brings up the point that had that been the Klan it is doubtful the issue would have been dropped. Refreshing.
Anyway, my hat’s off to the original Black Panthers who are no doubt cringing at the thought that the young generation could possibly have them confused with the psuedo-militant, self promoting, race baiting clowns who are pretending to represent black America.
I wonder what Jackson and Sharpton are thinking about that?

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