Occupy Wall Street Protesters Provoke Cops With Violence

One staple of leftist protests is cop baiting. The supposedly peaceful protesters purposefully ignore police officers, doing things like impeding traffic and generally making a nuisance of themselves to the non-protesting public, and when the cops try to bring order to the protest they resist. Push. Shove. Hit. Throw things. And when the cops try to subdue and/or resist, they carry on as though they were being victimized while their compatriots chant silly things like “the whole world is watching.”

Case in point, this YouTube video of a senior New York cop laying about with a night stick trying to hold back a crowd.

That video was posted by one of the protesters, and pretty carefully edited. Here’s another view of the same altercation, this time taken by a local Fox affiliate. In it you see the police trying to hold back the crows (not everyone in New York is protesting, and those who aren’t have a right to be able to move about unimpeded) and the crowds trying to bum rush the cops before they’re dispersed with billy clubs and pepper spray.

Now, I’m one who is generally pretty skeptical of heavy-handed law enforcement tactics, but we give police things like night sticks and pepper spray for a reason. Keep angry mobs from turning into full-on riots is one of those reasons.

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons: MyFoxNY.com

These protesters have a right to free speech and peaceful assembly. This was anything but peaceful assembly. But nor was it random. Again, these are coordinated tactics intended to use violent tactics to provoke violent responses so that ultimately the protesters can portray themselves as victims.

Which, by the way, isn’t anything you saw at tea party protests. Most cops are unionized, by the way, and the tea party movement isn’t exactly union friendly. And yet, the cops and tea partiers were able to get along without arrests or beat-downs.

On a related note, later in the Fox report above a walk-out of college students happened today to show solidarity with the protests. Meaning these students’ brains are operating so poorly that they’re protesting by walking out on educations they’re running up huge amounts of debt to pay for.

Well done, geniuses. Well done.

Rob Port

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