Video: Occupy Denver Invades BlogCon

I’m at the BlogCon convention in Denver, put on by Freedom Works, and we got a visit from Occupy Denver.

I shot a little bit video of the best part, when the BlogCon attendees started calling for a meeting with Occupy Denver’s elected leader. Which is a dog. Video will be up soon, but here’s a picture:

Apparently the hotel is not impressed and has told BlogCon organizers that they may cancel the event if it happens again. And, apparently, the hotel staff says that they can’t keep the protesters out of the lobby because of…discrimination laws?

What about, you know, property rights?

I’m not sure I understand this tactic. They chant, “this is what democracy looks like,” but is attacking peaceful assemblies of those you disagree really democracy?

Update: Here’s some video shot by another attendee:

Update: Here’s longer video, including video of a high school student and some students (juniors or seniors in high school):

Update: More video:

Update: More pictures and videos here.

Update: Hippie body slam:

Rob Port

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