Obama’s Plans For Global Wealth Redistribution

This isn’t getting as much attention as it should:

Unnoticed by most Americans this week, the Obama/Hagel GLOBAL POVERTY ACT was quickly approved by a senate committee and cleared for the next step, debate in a democrat-controlled senate.
The GLOBAL POVERTY ACT is unique in its breathtaking scope. It is not foreign-aid. The Act will require the President and Congress to set aside .07% of the annual gross national product – our GNP – to be distributed around the globe to relieve poverty at a cost of about $800 billion dollars annually to taxpayers. It is Barack Obama’s response to the call of the Bali Global Warming Conference for a global carbon tax; a blatant redistribution of the planet’s wealth to the “powerless”.
Coupled with his riveting stump speeches which generate huge emotional reactions from his equally huge audiences – speeches which literally call for a redistribution of wealth right here at home as well – Barack Obama’s sponsorship of the GLOBAL POVERTY ACT gives us a chilling preview of an Obama presidency.

Just to put that $800 billion into perspective, realize that it’s more than half
of what we spend on entitlements now. What Obama is proposing is an approximately 65% increase in entitlement spending, except that this time the entitlements aren’t even for Americans.
That is an enormous amount of money that Americans, already heavily burdened with taxes, can ill-afford to pay. So why should we have to pay it? Because Obama, the Democrats and their liberal buddies in the international community have decided that it is what America’s tithing should be in order to achieve the rather vague goal of “fighting global poverty.”
Of course, one would think that before Americans are required to foot this heavy new entitlements bill Obama and his comrades would have to prove that any of the money America has spent before on “fighting poverty” has moved us any closer at all to actually ending poverty, but that probably makes too much sense.
Maybe, instead of forcing Americans to pay for this foreign aid, Obama could just set up a new check box on our tax documents letting us volunteer to send the money if we want to. Because if his idea is a good one lots and lots of Americans would support it, right?
Er, maybe not so much.
Update: Whoops, poor math skills inflated the total Obama wants to spend.
Even so, all the points above stand.

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