Obama Wants A Bailout For The Auto Industry

A liberal friend of mine emailed me this link about Obama supporting a bailout for the auto industry and asked, “Why is ‘socialist’ Obama supporting big business?”
My answer: Because Obama and the Democrats aren’t really supporting the bailout for the sake of Ford and General Motors. They’re supporting the bailout for the sake of the union parasites who have attached themselves to automakers like Ford and General Motors.
Which is a bit like putting someone afflicted by a tape worm on life support rather than just removing the tape worm.
Union enrollment has been declining in this country for years now, and unions are getting desperate. This is a big reason why their Democrat puppets are going to cram card check – which removes secret balloting from the labor organizing process – down our throats under President Obama. All the better to bully workers into going union. It’s also why the unions want to bailout the autoworkers.
If Ford and/or GM go under, or even if they don’t go under but have to seriously reduce overhead to stay afloat, the autoworker unions are going to lose out. Big time. Lay offs will remove dues-paying union members from the rolls, and market share lost to foreign automakers that don’t have unionized labor forces isn’t going to do anything to help shore it back up.
Ultimately what would be best for this country as a whole is if the automakers had to either face the music and improve their business model (removing union parasites would be a huge first step) or go out of business to be replaced by automakers with better business models (that undoubtedly wouldn’t include union parasites). It would be rough in the short term to be sure, but in the long term taxpayers would benefit from not having to prop up failing corporate giants for the sake of keeping the unions that are killing them alive.
Sadly, I’m willing to bet that Democrats do what’s best for the unions instead of what’s best for the country.

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