Obama Threatened Senator Ben Nelson With Base Closure For Opposing Health Care Bill

For better or worse, domestic military bases have become hot-button political topics for Senators and Representatives. Military bases, and the personnel and government contracts they bring into a community, are often the target of much political wrangling and often Senators and Representatives tout their prowess at keeping these bases open and staffed as reason to keep them in office. My Congressional delegation, for instance, is busy giving themselves a big, fat pat on the back for getting more personnel for the Grand Forks air base.
Personally, I think our military bases should exist strictly for national security reasons not economic development reasons, but setting that aside for a moment the Obama administration using a base closure as leverage to get a certain vote out of a Senator is beyond the pale.
Not only does it illustrate a rather thuggish approach to politics, but it also shows Obama’s utter lack of respect for our national security and military members. If he’s willing to close a base over a Senate vote, clearly he’s not taking the defense of our nation seriously.

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