Obama Surrenders to North Korea; Abandon’s Six Party Talks

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on health care reform before a joint session of the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington

What’s a deal with North Korea worth unless we have China’s support?

The US shifted its policy today, saying it is now willing to meet one on one with North Korea if that is helpful to bring Pyongyang back to the nuclear negotiations.

We had a deal with North Korea on nuclear weapons and it failed. Not because of of the failings of the Clinton administration, but because the reality is that any deal with North Korea depends on having China to support it.
The Norks have refused to include it’s neighbors in on the deal because that would actually tie their hands. They figure they can play Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama just like they did Bill Clinton. They’ll get some huge payments or concessions for the US up front and do what they were doing anyway.
Some people are too stupid to learn from history. Unfortunately they give a good speech.

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