Obama Putting His Grandmother’s Ashes In The Sea May Have Violated EPA Regulations

Over the holiday Obama and his family spread his recently-deceased grandmother’s ashes in the sea in Hawaii:

Secret Service security keeps a close watch as Obama, oldest daughter Malia and sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, among others, make their way down to the rocky shoreline. Together, they spread the ashes of Madelyn Dunham. It’s the same spot Obama paid tribute to his mother last August.

But according to the EPA, that’s not legal:

In a ceremony held in Hawaii, Obama, teary-eyed, poured his grandmother’s ashes into the sea from the sand-lined shore. Environmentalists were quick to stand up against the move.
The reason behind the contention was the state’s Department of Land and Natural Resources Protection Law, which prohibits ashes from being dropped into the ocean. According to the regulation in place, ashes must be poured at a distance of at least three nautical miles. It has not yet been determined whether Obama will receive a fine for his actions.

Here’s a link to the pertinent EPA regulations.
My reaction? First, if Obama were a Republican we wouldn’t have to read about his violation of EPA regulations in the Turkish media.
Second, I don’t really have a problem with Obama spreading his grandma’s ashes in the sea, and I think the fact that he may have a headache with the EPA over this is a vile example of how big government infringes upon our personal lives.
One I would hope Obama would learn something from.

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