Obama Promises Most “Open” Inauguration Fund Raising In History, Still Won’t Allow Campaign Audit

Obama is putting a database of all contributors giving over $200 to his inauguration fund online.

The planning group for President-elect Barack Obama’s inaugural says it wants “the most open and accessible inauguration in history” and announced Friday it would take make available an online database of donors who have contributed more than $200 to the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

That’s all well and good, but I’ll give Obama no credit for being honest or transparent until he and his fellow Democrats allow an FEC audit of his election campaign fund raising. Obama’s fund raising efforts were riddled with indications of illegal contributions – from credit card fraud to contributions made under phony names and fake addresses accepted because the campaign suspended its website security – yet there will be no audit of that fund raising.
Because Obama didn’t take public funding which would have, as it did with McCain, triggered an automatic audit. And because Democrats control the FEC, and they’re not about to let an embarrassing investigation of Obama’s shady fund raising go forward.
Obama, to this point, is perhaps the least “open, honest and transparent” President we’ve had since Nixon.
On a related note, North Dakotans apparently don’t give a fig about Obama’s inauguration:

As of late Friday, there were no North Dakota donors [to Obama’s inauguration funds], but there is at least one former North Dakotan, Theodore Boutrous, attorney and partner with the Los Angeles law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. He gave $25,000.

I’m still laughing at all the liberals in North Dakota who were so confident that the state was in play in the last election.

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