Obama: Iraq War Is A Drag On The US Economy


CHARLESTON, West Virginia (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said the $500 billion cost of the Iraq war is a drag on the U.S. economy and attempted to lay some of the blame for it on Republican rival John McCain.
“How much longer are we going to ask our families and our communities to bear the cost of this war?” the Illinois senator asked in a speech.

Here’s the thing: $500 billion for five years of war is a drop in the bucket compared to our overall budget.
The question Obama should be asking is: How much longer are we going to ask our families and job-providers to bear the cost of a welfare state that already costs more than every other nation in the world combined spends on war and military?
Obama’s concern over spending is misplaced. As much as people like him may hate our mission to make Iraq a stable government and fight the terrorists in the middle east, the truth is that eventually the money we spend on it will fade. One day the war will end, and when it does the spending will too. But what never seems to go away is over 1 trillion dollars we spend every year on social entitlements.
When Barack Obama becomes concerned about that, I’ll start to take him seriously as a candidate and a leader.

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