Obama: Iran Not A Threat, No Need To Worry About “Little” Countries Like North Korea And Venezuela

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is supporting totalitarianism and anti-Americanism all over South America. North Korea is a nuclear-armed communist dictatorship in the hands of a madman. Iran thumbing its nose at international pressure to halt its nuclear program while simultaneously sponsoring jihad and terrorism throughout the middle east.
But hey, why worry?

Also, Obama’s suggestion that the Berlin Wall fell because Reagan negotiated with Mikhail Gorbachev is so patently absurd as to be laughable. Diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union were established well before Reagan (Stalin was our ally in WWII, remember?) meaning that our relationship with that former nation was a much different animal than our relationship with Iran or North Korea. And the Berlin Wall collapsed because the Soviet Union’s economy collapsed. Socialism didn’t turn out to well for them, just as it hasn’t turned out well for any other country that has tried it.

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