Obama Explains Away “Bitter” Comments On Charlie Rose

Apparently this appearance on The Charlie Rose Show by Barack Obama four years ago is supposed to put Obama’s more recent “bitter” comments into the context all the Obama disciples have been insisting exists.

I’m not buying it.
Even if Obama’s comments to Charlie Rose are how he really feels, we’re left with what he told that audience in San Francisco. When was he telling the truth? When he was talking in front of a national television audience or when he was talking in front of a smaller audience of like-minded liberals?
I’m inclined to believe that Obama was telling the truth in the latter moment, but even if you say he was telling the truth to Rose you’re still left with Obama pandering to a far-left liberal audience by telling them exactly what they want to hear. Not exactly the actions of a unifying candidate who transcends old politics.
Obama either thinks people who like guns and religion and oppose illegal immigration are “bitter,” or he doesn’t mind saying as much to pander to certain audiences. Neither option speaks very highly of Obama himself.

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