Obama Cites Communist China As Shining Example Of Government Development Of Infrastructure

Does Obama want to be the leader of the free world? Or a totalitarian world where massive public works projects aimed at impressing foreigners are completed at the expense of millions forced from their homes?

Aside from a rather troubling level of appreciation for the ability of totalitarians to build a nice highway (let’s not forget that the Nazis were pretty dang good at public works projects too), this illustrates Obama’s utter naivete about the world. Yes, the infrastructure in Beijing is nice. But it’s also propaganda. China has spent billions upon billions on upgrading the infrastructure of this year’s Olympic host city, and all of it was done with an eye toward impressing the rest of the world and legitimizing the Chinese government. Much like the Nazis used the Berlin Olympics to legitimize Hitler’s regime.
And Obama fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.
Infrastructure is great, sure, but let’s not forget how the Chinese got their infrastructure and why they built it before we go off praising it.

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