Obama: Bush Is McCain’s Real Running Mate

From the looks of his latest campaign ad Obama must be thinking that the best tact to take with Palin is to try and pretend like she doesn’t exist.

Obama’s people look like fools when they try to say that Palin is too inexperienced to be Vice President (how is a first term Governor less experienced than a first term Senator who has spent most of that first term campaigning?), and going after her because she’s a woman is only likely to further alienate Hillary voters, so I guess they’re just going to pretend like Sarah Palin isn’t even on the ticket.
Which is just about the best compliment Palin could get right now. They don’t know what to say about her, so they’re back to pretending like Bush is running for a third term.
It’s the hallmark of a campaign that’s been beat into a corner.

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