Obama Speaks Up For Gun Control, Says AK-47’s Only Belong In The Hands Of Soldiers

Barack Obama

Right after Obama was first elected to office gun and ammunition sales in America skyrocketed and the 2nd amendment faithful stocked up in advance of what they thought was a new push for stricter gun control. Sales spiked so high, and so fast, that there were ammunition shortages across the nation. The gun industry was, jokingly, giving the President awards for helping them sell so many firearms.

Obama’s support for gun control turned out to be something akin to his support for closing Guantanamo Bay, which is to say that it was purely rhetorical. More a ploy to fire up his liberal base than any real part of his policy agenda.

But with the Aurora shooting in the news this election year, and high-profile gun control activists like Mayor Michael Bloomberg breathing down his neck, Obama apparently felt like he needed to at least pay lip service to the issue again. The DNC’s executive director is saying Obama wants to re-institute the assault weapons ban, and Obama himself is saying that AK-47’s only belong in the hands of soldiers:

Support for gun control has become fairly toxic for American politicians, so you have to wonder why Obama would want to touch this third rail in an election year, Aurora and political pressure from his base not withstanding. The answer is that he’s probably safe at least mouthing some words about it because not like Mitt ‘There Are Differences Between Myself And The NRA’ Romney has the moral authority to call down a storm of righteous indignation over gun rights.

Rob Port

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