Obama: Republicans Think You Need A Tax Cut Instead Of An iPhone

Barack Obama at the White House

I’ve written before about President Obama mocking tax cuts on the campaign trail. He’s at it again, now suggesting Republicans think Americans need tax cuts instead of an iPhone.

“Basically their plan was one that you had heard before: If we cut more taxes, everybody is going to be okay.” Obama said, and continued to joke about tax cuts.

“You need to make a restaurant reservation, you don’t need the new iPhone — here’s a tax cut for that,” Obama said to the crowd, imitating Republicans. “You want to learn a new language? Try a tax cut. Tax cut to lose a few extra pounds. Whatever ails you.”

I’m not sure I can remember a politician ever belittling the concept of less burdensome government in such a direct and sarcastic manner. But what about the reverse? If Republicans think tax cuts are a cure-all, can’t it be said that Democrats always believe more spending will solve our problems?

Gee, who was it who proposed fixing our economy with a $800 billion “stimulus” spending bill, the largest single spending bill ever passed in the history of the nation?

Rob Port

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