Obama Is Taking Credit For Iraq Troop Withdrawal That Bush Agreed To In 2008

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) walks to Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington August 31, 2010. Obama is visiting with U.S. troops in Fort Bliss, Texas, on Tuesday before addressing the nation from the Oval Office later in the day about combat troop withdrawals in Iraq.  REUTERS/Jason Reed  (UNITED STATES - Tags: MILITARY POLITICS)

Obama and his political allies are making a lot of hay out of the idea that they’ve ended the war in Iraq, but it’s worth noting (as Jim Hoft does) that the current withdrawal from Iraq was part of President Bush’s plan all along.

From the November 17th, 2008 edition of The Sunday Times:

All US troops will leave Iraq within three years, and soldiers will withdraw from major towns and cities by next summer, under a landmark deal approved by the Iraqi Cabinet. The last British troops are expected to leave Iraq by the end of next year.

The agreement would draw a line under the campaign launched by President Bush in 2003 to topple Saddam Hussein in which 4,201 US and 176 British military personnel have died.

The pact, which also restricts US operations in the country beyond the end of this year, will be submitted to parliament for a final vote shortly…

…Main points of the agreement

– All US forces to leave Iraq by the end of 2011
– US forces to pull out of towns by summer 2009
– Iraq can try US troops for serious crimes off-duty and off-base
– Baghdad’s green zone to be handed to the Iraqi Government
– Iraqi airspace will be handed over to Iraq
– US forces need Iraqi judge’s order before they raid houses
– Iraq has the right to search shipments of US military material
– Iraqi territory cannot be used for assaults on neighbouring countries
– Either side may end the accord by serving notice of one year

Bush won the war in Iraq, whether Obama and the left want to admit it or not.

Rob Port

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