Obama Cronies At Solyndra Caught Destroying Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Brand-New Parts

That’s not a very green thing for a supposedly green company to do.

And oh yeah, these guys still owe US taxpayers half a billion dollars and they owe the manufacturer from whom they got the parts another $8 million.

According to the report, there were other companies that would have purchased the glass parts. There were universities and scientists who were willing to take them for use in studies and other research. But instead they were destroyed.

You’d think, given how solar power is supposed to be this wonderful new industry (according to the lobbyists and politicians who advocate for billions upon billions of our tax dollars spent subsidizing it) that there would have been a very big market for these parts.

That there apparently isn’t a large market (though not a non-existent market as Solyndra has claimed) speaks to just how marginal solar power is as an industry.

Rob Port

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