Obama Campaign Still Poaching Volunteers From Heidi Heitkamp


North Dakota’s Senate seat currently held by Kent Conrad has been in the hands of Democrats since 1960. Though Republicans have always been favored to take the seat over, Democrats have been quick to tout the competitiveness of their candidate Heidi Heitkamp.

But things are starting to look a little desperate for our friends on the left, and we have more evidence for that than the ugly mudslinging the Heitkamp campaign has launched in the last couple of days. Earlier this week I reported that the Obama campaign was poaching volunteers in North Dakota to make calls to help his chances in Iowa. That’s not exactly a move that shows a high level of confidence in winning elections here in North Dakota. Today the Obama campaign sent another email, again asking for volunteers in ND to help out in Iowa (see below).

Meanwhile, things really have begun to look ugly for Heitkamp. The New York Times’ Nate Silver is giving Heitkamp just a 10% chance of winning and has changed the rating of the race from “Likely Republican” to “Safe Republican.”

The Rothenberg Political Report, also, has changed its rating of the race from “Toss Up” to “Tilts Republican” and Larry Sabato also has the race rated “Likely Republican.”

This race has been slipping away from Heitkamp for a while now, if it was ever really in her grasp.

Here’s the Obama email:

Rob Port

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