Obama Administration Shuts Up White House Chef For Hinting At What The First Family Eats

Michelle Obama announces a new partnership to help fight childhood obesity in Washington


You mean, the Obamas don’t think it’s any of our business what they eat?

I happen to agree. I just wish the sentiment was returned by the Obamas who, remember, are pushing for more federal regulation over what we eat from the amount of salt in our foods to how much food restaurants can serve us.

Bayless talked about the dinner in interviews — he gave up a few facts about what he may be cooking — his Oaxacan mole, for example. “He’s been blabbing,” wrote the Washington Examiner “Yeas and Nays” column. “He’s done interviews with the New York Times and NPR, revealing bits and pieces of the menu.”

On Tuesday morning Bayless, an inveterate Tweeter wrote, “Thanks 2 the 100s of well wishers! Ready 4 day 2 n rather small White House kitchen. Chef was challenged by some ingred, but last arrive 2day.”

He flew to Washington on Monday from Chicago and when he arrived, he Twittered, “Just arrived in DC. Headed to the White House kitchens. I have to say: I’m a little nervous.”

After he checked out the White House kitchen — which is fairly small — Bayless Twittered, “The White House staff could not be nicer&more professional! Most worried about ingredients, but all will b here 4 big day!”

But after his Tuesday Tweet early in the morning, Bayless was shut down on Twitter.

Last year, when the Obamas entertained the prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, the guest chef, Marcus Samuelsson, a big name in the cooking world, was neither seen nor heard from and asked not to give interviews about the dinner in advance. He was not allowed to appear at the press preview of the dinner.

“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

What the Obamas eat is none of our business. But what we eat is, apparently, the federal government’s business.

Rob Port

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