NRA President Expresses Concerns About Heidi Heitkamp On Gun Issues


National Rifle Association President David Keene was on the Scott Hennen Show earlier this week talking about North Dakota’s Senate race. The Heitkamp campaign has touted an A-rating from the NRA, but Keene says they’re basing that rating on a series of questions his organization asked Heitkamp about gun issues. He points out that while Heitkamp provided the right answers to the questions this time around, when she ran for governor in 2000 she didn’t even bother answering their questions and he points out that she has no track record as a policy maker on gun rights issues.

Were Heitkamp to be elected she would no doubt be reticent about backing anti-gun policies, knowing full well that North Dakotans overwhelmingly support gun rights. But let’s remember that her Democrat predecessors in office like Earl Pomeroy supported the assault weapons ban as well as numerous other policies restricting gun rights.

And, as we’ve seen with other issues, Heitkamp’s actions often tell a much different story than her words.

The NRA is skeptical of Heitkamp’s gun rights record, and voters should be too.

Rob Port

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