Noted Pretend Republican Heidi Heitkamp Begging For Money From Liberal Anti-Free Speech Group


Progressives United is a political action committee started by former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, often described during his term in office as one of the most liberal Senators in Congress, to combat political spending by businesses in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United vs. FEC ruling.

In other words, Progressives United is a very liberal group founded by a very liberal political figure which aims to silence political speech from businesses. So why in the world would Heidi Heitkamp, who has been working so hard to portray herself as anything but a liberal Democrat (inspiring the North Dakota Republican party to jokingly offer her membership), be begging for money from the group?

The Heitkamp campaign also sent out the email below to their campaign list.

This is a politically risky move, given that it doesn’t contrast well with how Heitkamp has portrayed herself on the campaign trail. It’s hard to cast yourself as a conservative-leaning independent when you’re asking outspoken progressive Russ Feingold for money. It makes me wonder if Heitkamp’s fundraising isn’t going all that well. We’ll have another FEC report out soon, but according to the last report Berg had a 3 – 1 cash-on-hand advantage over Heitkamp and has raised 3 times more money from North Dakotans.

The Heitamp has been running a very aggressive campaign against Berg, but also a very expensive campaign, and they may be running on fumes heading down the stretch.

Dear Friend —

We’re just a few hundred votes away from what could make a big difference in our campaign.
Can you take 2 minutes and vote for Heidi in the Progressives United contest?

If we win the contest, Progressives United will send a fundraising email for Heidi to its hundreds of thousands of supporters.

Together we can win this election. Despite millions in attack ads from Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers, most pundits rate our race a tossup. And Politico reported recently that the leader of the North Dakota Republican Party admitted our ads are much better!

Voting for Heidi today means adding thousands of new grassroots supporters to our campaign and help for us to fight back against the smears from Rove and his billionaire donors.

Make no mistake. Karl Rove is coming for us. “We’re deeply engaged,” Rove said of North Dakota just a few weeks ago.

Voting ends at midnight tonight — and we’re just a few hundred votes from the lead. Vote for Heidi and help us stand up to Karl Rove.

Thanks for all you do,

Tessa Gould
Campaign Manager
Heidi for North Dakota

Rob Port

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