North Dakota Democrats Trash Government Transparency

It is with no small amount of mirth that I note the North Dakota Democrats sniping, on their official blog, at the idea of government transparency in the form of legislation requiring schools to publish a record of where they spend their money online for easy accessibility by taxpayers. Such legislation, called “Sunshine on Schools,” is being proposed by Brett Narloch of the North Dakota Policy Council (full disclosure: Brett was formerly a contributor to this blog).
This is what the Democrats had to say about Narloch and his proposed legislation:

Right wing blogger extraordinaire Brett Narloch is back in the public eye. He’s proposing a plan to require schools to maintain Web sites divulging financial records. Narloch was the NDGOP’s legislative director in the 2006 campaign. He didn’t fare very well. He didn’t fare very well with his former blog either, which was devoted to unseating Sen. Kent Conrad.
Here’s some stuff from his former blog, “Taking Back North Dakota:”
-He called the passing of CAFTA “good stuff.” (10/21/05)
-He insinuates that the privatization of Social Security is a good thing by saying “any plan with private accounts is better than what he have.” (5/17/05)
Gee, I wonder if there’s a hidden agenda in his new scheme?

Rather petty, grade-school stuff no? I mean, what does Social Security and free trade have to do with transparency for school spending? And why the bitter attitude toward this sort of transparency from the Democrats? With school spending up 23%, or about $672,687,034 in 2006 dollars, while student enrollment is down some 16,000 or so students I think the taxpayers deserve to know where their money is going. And why it’s costing over half a billion additional tax dollars to educate thousands of fewer students.
I think the Democrats, always defaulting to their big-government tax-and-spend roots, don’t like the idea of taxpayers knowing where their money goes with the schools. It’s just that right now they can’t think up a good argument against the idea of transparency on school spending. So instead of talking about that transparency, they’re stalking about free trade and Social Security and launching personal attacks on the guy behind the transparency idea.
Again rather juvenile.
Perhaps North Dakota’s Dems could tell us why greater transparency in school spending is a bad idea instead of resorting to petty sniping. And if they can’t do that, maybe they should admit that it’s a good idea and that their petty sniping is because the idea came from someone who tends to lean to the right in his personal politics.
Update: I see the Americans for Prosperity’s North Dakota chapter has endorsed this law. Good to know the state’s conservatives seem to be united on this front.

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