North Dakota Alleges $2.6 Million In Damages Over UND Logo


Two-point-six million dollars.
That’s the price tag a lawsuit filed by the State of North Dakota says will come with changing the
Fighting Sioux nickname and logo at the University of North Dakota.
Among other things, the lawsuit filed yesterday in Grand Forks against the N-C-A-A alleges breach of good faith and illegal restraint of trade.
The suit says that dollar figure would come from removing the 24-hundred Fighting Sioux logos from the Ralph Engelstad Arena an expense Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem calls impractical.
But the N-C-A-A maintains its position, saying the nickname is hostile and abusive, and the organization will aggressively defend itself.

$2.6 million sounds like an appropriate number. I cannot begin to describe how happy I am that my home state is taking a forceful stand on this ridiculous issue.
One thing I am curious to see is the NCAA’s case supporting the idea that the nickname/logo are “hostile and abusive.” It seems to me as though that is the point this entire case hinges on. If the logo/nickname are “abusive and hostile” then the NCAA wins. If they’re not, the NCAA loses.
Anything can happen in court, but I just don’t see where the “Fighting Sioux” nickname and logo are either abusive or hostile. If I were on the jury, I just don’t think the NCAA would be able to convince me of that.

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