North Dakota House Shoots Down Amendment To Put Health Care Freedom In State Constitution

North Dakotans oppose Obamacare. The state is part of the legal challenges to that bill which will inevitably end up in the Supreme Court. So you think it would be a good move by our state’s legislators to enshrine health care choice in the state constitution to ensure that our citizens are protected.

You’d think, anyway. Instead, the state House just voted down HCR3014 which would have done just that with 29 Republicans joining 25 Democrats in voting no.

Here’s the vote tally:

Yeas: 39

Bellew, Belter, Boehning, Brabandt, Brandenburg, Carlson, Clark, Damschen, Delzer, Dosch, Frantsvog, Grande, Hatlestad, Headland, Heller, Karls, Kasper, Kempenich, Koppelman, Kreidt, L. Meier, Louser, Monson, Nathe, Owens, Pollert, Rohr, Ruby, Rust, Schatz, Schmidt, Skarphol, Steiner, Streyle, Sukut, Thoreson, Vigesaa, Weiler, Wieland

Nays: 54

Amerman, Anderson, Beadle, Boe, Conklin, D. Johnson, Dahl, DeKrey, Delmore, Devlin, Froseth, Glassheim, Gruchalla, Guggisberg, Hanson, Hawken, Heilman, Hofstad, Hogan, Holman, Hunskor, J. Kelsh, J. Nelson, Kaldor, Keiser, Kilichowski, Kingsbury, Klein, Klemin, Kretschmar, Kreun, Kroeber, M. Nelson, Maragos, Martinson, Metcalf, Mock, Mueller, N. Johnson, Onstad, Paur, Pietsch, Porter, R. Kelsch, S. Kelsh, S. Meyer, Sanford, Trottier, Wall, Weisz, Williams, Winrich, Zaiser, Drovdal
Excused: 0

Absent and Not Voting: 1


Here are all the Republicans who voted no:

Dick Anderson
Thomas Beadle
Dennis Johnson
Stacey Dahl
Duane DeKrey
Bill Devlin
Glen Froseth
Kathy Hawken
Joe Heilman
Curt Hofstad
Jon Nelson
George Keiser
Joyce Kingsbury
Matt Klein
Larry Klemin
Bill Kretschmar
Curt Kruen
Andy Maragos
Bob Martinson
Nancy Johnson
Gary Paur
Vonnie Pietsch
Todd Porter
Raeann Kelsch
Mark Sanford
Wayne Trottier
John Wall
Robin Weisz
David Drovdal

In this fight against Obamacare, states need every single tool they can lay their hands on. These Republicans just left North Dakotans vulnerable. Use this form to email every one of them and ask them why they couldn’t have voted to enshrine health care choice in our state constitution.

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Rob Port

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