North Dakota Democrats Urging Volunteers To Abandon Heitkamp And Help Obama In Iowa


Below is an interesting email sent out to the North Dakota Democrat email list today. It’s from the Obama campaign asking volunteers to shift their focus from making phone calls for Heidi Heitkamp to making phone calls to Iowa to help prop up President Obama’s flagging campaign there.

You’d think Democrats would want North Dakota volunteers to be focusing their efforts on the North Dakota Senate race, where they maintain (publicly at least) that they’re still competitive. That they’re asking ND volunteers to focus their efforts in another state doesn’t speak very highly for the chances Democrats are giving to Heitkamp.

Nor is this the only data point we have to support that conclusion. Democrats are already making noises about a legal battle over fraudulent votes after election day, making it sort of clear that at this point they’re not expecting to emerge from election day victorious. What they’re hoping for is an outcome close enough to justify lawsuits and political wrangling, not unlike how Al Franken won his Senate seat in Minnesota in 2008.

Rob Port

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