North Dakota Democrats Try To Send Video Of Heidi Heitkamp Praising Obama Down The Memory Hole


At the 2008 Democrat National Convention, Chad Nodland (who is one of the state party’s national committeeman) took video of Heidi Heitkamp and her brother Joel Heitkamp praising President Obama. Heitkamp, specifically, said that President Obama was “going to be amazing,” which obviously clashes with Heitkamp’s efforts to distance herself from Obama and her national party this election cycle.

Republicans have been citing the video regularly, and now Nodland has pulled it from YouTube (where he originally uploaded it) allegedly for copyright violations.

…Nodland told The Daily Caller on Tuesday that he asked YouTube to remove the video solely because someone else uploaded his “copyrighted work… without permission.”

“If and when I catch people using any of my original material — pictures, video or otherwise — without first at least negotiating a price or asking for permission, whether they use them for their own use on YouTube or elsewhere, I will take any and all action to protect copyrighted material I own,” he said in an email.

This is a hilarious bit of lying. When Heitkamp first got into the race Republicans linked to Nodland’s copy of the video on his YouTube channel. I emailed the NDGOP and told them that if they wanted the video to be available throughout the election cycle they may want to save a copy of it for themselves because Nodland was likely to pull it.

They did, uploading the video to their own account, and sure enough Nodland pulled not only his copy but got the NDGOP’s copy pulled as well (here is where it was).

Of course, that won’t stop the NDGOP and others from using the video under fair use laws. The NRSC’s copy of the video is still on YouTube as of right now:

This is about as idiotic and tone-deaf a move as he could have made. He’s not helping Heitkamp with this. Her support for Obama was inconvenient enough, but attempts to expunge the record of that support and mislead voters is even worse. The only thing worse for Heidi Heitkamp than her vocal support for President Obama is the perception of her trying to mislead voters about that support.

Update: Apparently Nodland has gotten the NRSC’s version of the video embedded above pulled too, so they’ve started using another service.

I think he’ll have to sue the NRSC to get them to pull that one down. Which I really, really hope he does for the entertainment value if nothing else.

Rob Port

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