North Dakota Democrats: Rick Berg Voted For Medicare Death Panels

If there’s one thing you can count on from the left when it comes to their opposition for limiting or downsizing government, is that they’re going to accuse Republicans of either being a racist or hating old people.

Or, in this instance, North Dakota Democrats suggesting that Berg is voting to kill the elderly or something.

The problem is that the woman in the video supposes that her husbands health care services won’t be rationed under the status quo. Given that we’re already in the midst of a budget crisis, and that entitlements like Medicare and Social Security are on track to completely envelop our national budget, that’s just not true.

At some point we’re going to have to start curtailing Medicare spending, and there’s only three ways to do that. We could eliminate the program entirely (not going to happen), we could give seniors enrolled in the program a voucher for their share of benefits and let them figure out the best way to spend it or we could let the government start managing the care, deciding which services will be paid for and how much beneficiaries can receive.

Indeed, Obama’s own Medicare czar supports that very sort of government rationing.

Unless we can agree to do away with Medicare altogether, which again just isn’t going to happen, we have a choice between allowing the government ration Medicare services or going with the Paul Ryan plan which allows individuals to ration their own services. Berg chose the Paul Ryan option, which is clearly the better of the two.

Rob Port

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