North Dakota Democrats Fib About Cramer, Berg Attendance At Tribal Event


This posting from the North Dakota Democrats on their website caught my eye. It slams Senate candidate Rick Berg and House candidate Kevin Cramer for being “no-shows” at a tribal event held this week in Bismarck.

(BISMARCK, N.D.) — Congressional, Senate and Gubernatorial candidates were invited to address this year’s United Tribes Tribal Leadership Summit in Bismarck, an event that attracts First Americans from around the state and the nation. This year’s event addressed critical issues such as energy development, infrastructure, justice issues, transportation, education, sexual assault, and healthcare.

Congressional candidates Pam Gulleson and Kevin Cramer were listed on the program to address the audience of tribal members, as were Heidi Heitkamp and Rick Berg. Cramer and Berg, however, were no-shows at the conference, and gave no explanation for their absence.

This isn’t actually the truth. I spoke with the Berg campaign, and they said that their candidate did attend the event. He was there on Tuesday this week and spoke to the gathering. On Wednesday morning he was debating his opponent Heidi Heitkamp, and on Wednesday afternoon he didn’t attend but asked Mark Fox of the Three Affiliated Tribes to speak on his behalf.

So Berg both spoke to the even in person and had a representative speak on his behalf. That’s not exactly a “no-show” and “no explanation” the Democrats are claiming. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

As for Kevin Cramer, I spoke with his campaign and they tell me they weren’t invited to the event and weren’t aware of it. They aren’t sure why they were listed in the event’s literature. It’s sort of hard to attend an event you weren’t invited to and weren’t made aware of.

Rob Port

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