Who Will Be the Next Ron Paul?


Congressman Ron Paul gave his farewell address to the US House of Representatives on Nov 14. Lasting close to 50 minutes, it was a litany of all the reasons you either can admire or disdain the Texas congressman who represented part of his state from Apr 3, 1976 – Jan 3, 1977; Jan 3, 1979 – Jan 3, 1985; and Jan 3, 1997 to present (with a few presidential campaigns thrown in for good measure).

Congressman Paul’s farewell address can be viewed below. As mentioned, it runs close to 50 minutes, so it is something which may be best run in the background while you do some other things. But, whether you were a Ron Paul supporter or not, it is worth taking in:

Ron Paul will leave a void not easily filled with his departure. No other conservative ignited a more passionate following, especially among younger Americans, than he. That is quite an achievement in and of itself, and especially from someone who is 77 years old and for the most part quite generationally removed from a bulk of his supporters. Republicans need to find a way to capture that passion and energy before it dissipates with Paul’s departure from active politics. In short, they need to find the next Ron Paul quickly (and one can’t automatically assume that will be Paul’s son, Sen Rand Paul).

With that said, Ron Paul most likely isn’t fading away. He was on Jay Leno a few months back to announce his intent to run for president again in 2016. But, he will be 81 during that election. Assuming he wins in 2016, and again in 2020, he will be 89 years old when he left office. It is safe to say the nation’s highest office is not in the cards for him, and probably never was.

Not all can agree with Ron Paul’s messages. I personally feel some (but not all) of his foreign policy positions were naive at best, and may have prevented his further rise in elected politics. Some feel his pursuit of a return to a gold standard was a bit out there. But, it is hard for any conservative to argue with his powerful — and consistent — message of liberty, limited government, and sticking to the principles our founding fathers left us as detailed in the Constitution. We also always knew where Paul stood on the issues, and to those stances he stuck; a trait that is painfully lacking in too many other politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Where Ron Paul stood (and continues to stand) was with liberty. His message was powerful, and ignited a passion in his followers that no other conservative has been able to replicate. He will leave a vacuum with his departure from active politics, and politics abhors a vacuum. The vacuum will be filled, but it is up to Republicans to decide if they will be the ones to fill it.

Thank you Congressman Paul for your years of service to your state and nation, and for standing with liberty and limited government every time.


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