New York Union Members Scream Profanities At Non-Union Workers Helping With Hurricane Relief


Update: The Daily Caller has now updated their story to reflect the fact that Sean Hannity’s audio came from 2011.

I wrote previously about non-union electrical workers being turned away from helping get the power back on in New Jersey. The unions reacted quickly to that story making headlines, denouncing it and claiming that union and non-union workers alike were welcome to help with disaster response, but the company that first reported the problem is sticking by their story saying they were presented with a contract asking them to associate with a union in New jersey.

Meanwhile, in New York non-union workers are being taunted and screamed at by union workers:

From the Daily Caller (via Weasel Zippers):

The audio Hannity played Friday featured what he said were “union thugs” berating utility workers from Alabama.

“That’s who you hurt, scumbags! That’s who you fucking hurt! Scumbags!” a loud voice on the audio recording is heard shouting. ”Fuck all of you fucking [unintelligible]! That’s who you hurt! You’re taking it from our families! Good jobs!”

“Go back where you came from! Look at her face! Scab! Look at her face, scab! That’s who you’re hurting, scab! You feel good tonight? Go home, you bunch of scabs! That’s who you’re hurting! Taking our jobs! That’s who you’re hurting, scabs! You’re hurting families!”

It’s worth remembering that unions have become less about representation for labor than a protection racket for workers who pay their dues.

If that sounds like something right out of a mobster movie, it pretty much is.

Rob Port

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