New Entrant Into North Dakota House Race: Rep. Bette Grande?

Rumors have reached my ears that Rep. Bette Grande, a Fargo-area legislator who sits on the Finance and Taxation and Government and Veterans Affairs committees and was a staunch advocate for pension reform in the state, is considering a run for the US House.

Talking with some politically-connected friends this morning tells me that it’s not a rumor. In their opinion she’s running and has only to make the announcement.

Interesting news especially in that Rep. Grande made a trip from Fargo to Grand Forks last night to speak at a tea party event held there.

Already in the race officially are PSC Brian Kalk and three-time federal candidate Duane Sand (who may end up challenging Rep. Rick Berg for the Senate nomination). Those considering a House run are Rep. Kim Koppelman, Rep. Tony Grindberg, Rep. Al Carlson, Tax Commissioner Cory Fong…and just about every other elected Republican in the state you can think of.

Which has me wondering, at this point, if it wouldn’t be easier to start counting the Republicans in North Dakota who aren’t running or considering running for federal office.

Update: has an interview up with Grande about her possible campaign.

Rob Port

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