New Crossroads Ad: Heidi Heitkamp Is An Obamacare Tax Hiker


Crossroads GPS has another ad out targeting Heidi Heitkamp on Obamacare. It uses footage captured of Heitkamp in Washington DC avoiding questions about her support for Barack Obama, and hits her for supporting the law’s tax hikes on the uninsured, hospitals stays and medical devices.

Because nothing says “let’s make health care and health insurance more affordable” like taxing health care and health insurance.

Meanwhile, Heitkamp is already trying to raise funds off this ad with the “Karl Rove is attacking me” schtick (see below).

For all the blather coming from Heitkamp about attack ads, they’ve been pretty mild and issue-orientated. They talk about her support for what is, in North Dakota, extremely unpopular policy. That’s fair game, as far as I’m concerned, and entirely different from Heitkamp’s advertising suggesting Rick Berg is attacking women.

Rob Port

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