NDSU President Concerned that UND’s President From Berkeley Doesn’t Get Canned

Last week UND President Bob Kelley said that he was responsible for a firing of a long time administrator. This administrators only defect seems to be that she was one of the few people with North Dakota values with a high level job at the University.

I was wondering exactly what that meant. If the firing was unjustified then the President of the University should go. Since they haven’t come up with any reason for the firing it seems to me to be unjustified.

Apparently the heat is on because the NDSU President said one of the most important things he can do is save Kelley’s job:

“I’m often asked what my priorities are. No. 1 is serving the state. And no, that’s not about NDSU. NDSU is part of serving the state,” Bresciani said. “The second one is keeping Bob Kelley as the president of UND.”

I think Bresciani knows that if UND gets someone less arrogant, less incompetent in the President’s Mansion that Bresciani’s incompetence and arrogance is going to stand out a lot more.

Unfortunately the people in charge of watching over our Universities are still in denial about what’s happening on the campuses. They actually gave Kelley and Brescianni big raises yesterday to reward them for doing such a crappy job.

Robert Kelley, president of the University of North Dakota, got a 4 percent pay increase. Kelley’s new annual salary of $330,158 annually makes him the highest-paid chief executive of all of North Dakota’s public colleges.

Dean Bresciani, president of North Dakota State University, was also given a 4 percent raise, to $312,000.

Our Higher Education system is broke. It’s not about preparing our North Dakota kids to succeed in their lives anymore.

I'm a Grand Forks native and alumni of North Dakota. I want to be Rob Port when I grow up.

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