NDSU One Of Three American Universities Targeted With Bomb Threat


All 15,000 or so students and faculty were evacuated from NDSU’s campus – including off-campus locations such as down-town classrooms and offices – after a bomb threat was called in this morning.

Adding a tinge to the fright factor is that, almost simultaneously, the University of Texas at Austin ordered a similar evacuation.  Also, there were two other bomb threats in the Red River Valley region this week.  Threats were called in to the airports in Grand Forks and Fargo.

Reports indicate that no bombs have been found in Texas.  No word yet from Fargo, and no indications that the events were related other than the timing.

NDSU was to be evacuated by 10:15am, but fell well short of that goal.  Readers tell me that as much as a half hour after that deadline the campus was still crowded with people trying to evacuate.  Also, the NDSU website was frequently down throughout the emergency, no doubt due to high traffic.  NDSU did not use Twitter to help alert students despite a large number of students and Fargo-area citizens following the news there, though they did post their alert on Facebook.

Hopefully just a hoax.  Terrorists typically don’t call in to tell you about the bomb.  Still, though, it appears from reports I’m getting as though the campus is evacuated now with no harm to anyone.

Update: Apparently Valparaiso University in Indiana got a threat as well.


Rob Port

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