ND Attorney General’s Crazy Idea About How to Stop Assault

Cause it has to be the alcohol:

BISMARCK — New statistics from the FBI show an increase in aggravated assaults in North Dakota, something Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem attributes in part to alcohol.
There were 622 such assaults in the state last year, an increase of more than 15 percent from the previous year, the figures show. The number of aggravated assaults was nearly triple the number in 1999.

So didn’t we have alcohol in the state last year? If so why then with the same availability of alcohol are aggravated assaults up?
This is a classic case of diverting your attention. We’ve got one category of crime up and as an elected official the Attorney General is supposed to have an answer for it. So rather admit that he doesn’t know, the AG just makes some stuff up.
Really the whole thing could be a statistical abberation. Perhaps more crimes are being reported or maybe we just had a one year spike in crime for no particular reason.
On the other hand the Attorney General’s answer makes him look pretty silly. He says that his new drunk driving program which requires repeat offenders to stay sobor will help.
Huh? How will that help. What percentage of people who have been caught driving drunk have committed aggravated assault. I’m guessing that Stenehjem’s plan won’t have any effect at all.
Next time Wayne think before you talk so you don’t look silly.