National Democrats Write Off Earl Pomeroy

A couple of weeks ago I posted about comments from Democrat Congressional Campaign chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen issuing an ultimatum to under performing House candidates saying that if they didn’t do better the party would pull its resources and put them into other races. Just last week Democrats were naming Pomeroy as part of their “political triage” efforts.

Tonight comes word that said “triage” has happened. The DCCC had scheduled several big-money ad buys with media outlets in the state, but now those ad buys have been canceled.

From the Berg campaign via emailed press release:

“We are going to have to win these races one by one,” said Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, conceding that the party would ultimately cut loose members who had not gained ground.

North Dakota television stations confirmed today that the DCCC television buy for the weeks of 9/27 and 10/5 have been canceled in North Dakota.

This move may foreshadow some ugly poll numbers coming up later this month for Pomeroy. The nine-term incumbent has yet to lead Berg in any public polling done this election cycle. If the DCCC is pulling their ad money in between public polls it suggests that the polling they’re doing privately isn’t looking good.

And with this election season forcing Democrats to defend more candidates than they expected all over the country, Earl likely looks like a bad investment at this point. Surprising after the incessant ad barrage Pomeroy has already been carpet bombing the state’s television screens with.

None of which is good news given that absentee voting begins in just over a week. North Dakotans are going to start locking their votes in. If Pomeroy doesn’t make progress soon it’s going to be too late.

Rob Port

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