Murtha: Stability In Iraq Doesn’t Mean Anything

Murtha, talking about Iraq in the summer of 2006:

Our military is now considered occupiers by most Iraqis.
Iraq is now in a civil war and our military is caught in the middle.
All of us want stability in Iraq.
But this goal cannot be achieved by mere words alone, nor by slogans or broad policy statements.
The key word is “How.”
How do we give Iraq a chance at stability?
How do we bring stability and security to the Region?

Murtha speaking about Iraq now that stability has been brought to the country:

“Look at all the people that have been displaced, all the [lost] oil production, unemployment, all those type of things,” said Rep. John P. Murtha, chairman of Appropriations defense subcommittee. “We can’t win militarily.”
The Pennsylvania Democrat conceded violence was down dramatically and some normalcy restored on Iraq’s streets, but he said U.S. victory remains unattainable as long as Baghdad fails to pass national reconciliation laws.
“To change the political law, it doesn’t seem to me you need the military stability,” Mr. Murtha told reporters on Capitol Hill.

Way to move the goal posts, Jack.
By the way, that wasn’t the most bizarre part of Murtha’s speech. Get a load of this statement below about families who “claim” to support the troops but haven’t had their taxes raised yet to prove how much they support the troops.

Can tax hikes really be the Democrat solution to everything?

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