More On The Obama’s Fainting Women Schtick

From Newsbusters:

It’s an awful big coincidence that all these women keep fainting at Obama campaign rallies isn’t it? And isn’t it odd that they are always right up by the podium? Also, it is so odd that Barack says nearly the same lines in response and that he stops everything to “assist” the fainted?
So, the question arises, are staged fainting spells being created by the Obama campaign to make the audience think that people are so overheated by Obama that they end up fainting? It also creates the impression that the candidate is “caring” when he stops the rally to call for doctors to attend to the woman and for a “water bottle” to be given to her.
It just strains credulity that so many instances in nearly exact detail have been happening spontaneously.

Here’s a compilation video of the fainting spells from Breitbart:

I agree that all of these fainting spells, and the seemingly scripted response from Obama to them, all seem to convenient when taken together to be merely coincidence. Of course, anything is possible, so who knows.
It wouldn’t be all that surprising if these moments were entirely contrived, though. Obama is running a campaign based not so much on policy and qualifications but emotion (he’s out to save your souls!), and televangelists (masters of manipulating emotion) have been using tactics like these for decades.

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