More On And General “Betray Us”

I was thinking more last night about’s “General Betray Us” ad blitz in anticipation of David Petraeus’ testimony before Congress today. The more I think about it, the more unhappy it makes me.
MoveOn is essentially accusing Petraeus of treason. If, that is, the General says something to Congress that MoveOn doesn’t like. Is that not every bit as bad as those on the right who accuse anti-war dissenters as treasonous? And what’s more, MoveOn is wanting a respected military professional (who was appointed by a unanimous vote of the Democrat-controlled Senate) to talk not about what he has accomplished in Iraq and what his opinions are about the conflict going forward, but rather speak to MoveOn’s preconceived notions about the war.
I see that Joe Lieberman is calling on his party’s leadership in Congress – Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid – to condemn MoveOn for this slander on General Petraeus. I’m inclined to agree, and would go a step further by saying that the Democrats should disavow MoveOn completely and return any money they’ve gotten from the group.
Opposing the war is one thing, but slandering someone like David Petraeus simply because he’s saying things about the war that’s inconvenient for your political agenda is quite another.

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