More Businesses May Start Charging Obamacare Surcharge


Yesterday I wrote about the owner of a chain of Denny’s restaurants deciding to add an “Obamacare surcharge” to the bills customers get. Now a spokesman for the NFIB is saying the idea will probably spread to other businesses as well:

Will the “Obamacare surcharge” catch on with other retailers in the U.S.?

NFIB spokesman Kevan Chapman tells “The Right Views” that it just might:

“Clearly, you are seeing what real people are doing with costly situations. This is no different than the airline carriers adding a bag fee or noting the TSA extra expense.

“I suspect this Denny’s owner wants his customers to understand why their costs are going up and what they must do to handle the cost increase.

“Frankly, they are just being honest with the customer. It’s possible you may see more of this as employers begin major preparation for the law.”

“Just being honest with the customer.” I like that, because it’s true.

As I noted in my post yesterday, a lot of Americans don’t understand what government policies do to the prices of the goods and services they buy. If more of the bills for those goods and services included an itemization of how much of the price is attributable directly to taxes or other regulations Americans might feel a bit differently about voting for bigger, more intrusive government.

Rob Port

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