Moooove On on Arkansas Politics

As a “member” of Move On dot org, I am privy to a lot of inside information. (most of which look like solicitations for cash) One of their latest emails proclaimed:

“Huge defeat for Blanche Lincoln”

Huge defeat? On what planet?

Halter’s supporters are ecstatic because he just handed a huge defeat to Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln.

…by forcing her into a runoff? By coming in second in a field of three?? Interestingly, Fox News characterized this “huge defeat” thusly:

“Lincoln, Halter Resume Warfare After Tuesday’s Inconclusive Primary”

So, in Moooove On speak, “inconclusive” is a “huge defeat”!

According to Moooove On:

Because Sen. Lincoln is a favorite of big corporations, she still has millions in the bank—and she’ll spend all of it smearing Bill Halter.


Halter’s campaign team has gathered in Little Rock today to decide on their plan for the runoff. After being outspent more than two-to-one by Sen. Lincoln, their funds are nearly exhausted.

So, let’s recap: Halter wasn’t able to out poll Lincoln in the first race, she has millions she is willing to spend to “smear” Halter and Halter is nearly tapped out. And this is a “huge defeat”…for Lincoln?

Do the words “whistling past the graveyard” have any significance?

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