Mojave Cross Mysteriously Replaced – “Must Go” says Park Service

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Ten days ago, we noted a bit of late night vandalism “Thieves Steal Desert Cross”. Here is a strange bit of follow up:

A week after a cross was stolen from a Mojave Desert war memorial that played a key role in a recent Supreme Court decision, a different cross was discovered early Thursday morning at the same site.

The National Park Service said in a press release Thursday afternoon that the replica cross would be removed.

Late Thursday, Mojave National Preserve spokeswoman Linda Slater told reporters in California that the new cross is illegal and must come down.

Must come down? Why? The Supreme Court has ruled that having a cross at the memorial is Constitutional. What would be the harm in leaving this cross in place until the park service got their act together to decide how to reconstruct the memorial and then actually do it? I could see if someone replaced the cross with a swastika or a statue of Obama how it could be offensive, but what is the harm or replacing a cross with a cross?

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