Mitt Romney’s Official Governor Portrait Includes “First-In-The-Nation Universal Health Care Law”

Mitt Romney has been quick to poo-poo on the presidential campaign the universal health care bill, or “Romneycare,” that he helped make law as Governor of Massachusetts. At a time when the national health care bill championed by President Obama (and patterned after Romneycare) is extremely unpopular with conservatives, Romney can hardly afford to be closely associated with the legislation in Massachusetts.

But here’s an interesting tid-bit from Politico’s Ben Smith. Take a good look at Mitt Romney’s official portrait from Massachusetts, which was unveiled in 2009:

According to the Associated Press, next to Romney on the desk is “a leather bill binder emblazoned with a medical seal, symbolizing the first-in-the-nation universal health care law he signed in April 2006.”

It’s the only symbol of Romney’s policy achievements as governor in the portrait. Which indicates exactly what he thought of it at the time.

Do Republicans really want someone who championed Romneycare representing them in an election cycle against the originator of Obamacare?

Rob Port

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