Miss Norway Makes Porn

Well, she wasn’t quite Miss Norway yet, but she might have been had officials of the pageant not found the porn movies she starred in.


Miss dropped due to porn career
When the management of Miss Norway was informed that Aylar had starred in two porn films, she lost her place in the Norwegian finale.
However, first she tried to blame it on her non-existing twin sister, reported the Norwegian television channel TV Norge Monday night.
Aylar from Oslo is not allowed to participate in the finale of Miss Norway August 29 after her past in the porn industry was revealed.
The two films were made in the US in 2002. They include a number of hardcore porn scenes, reported TV Norge.
«It is clearly written in the requirements that the candidates must not have been pictured naked in a commercial connection, and in this instance, this is the case and then some,» said Geir Hamnes at the Miss Norway management, to the TV Norge news.
When the 20-year-old was confronted with the issue, she claimed she had an identical twin, who was a star in the US.

Ahhh, the old “my evil twin did it” routine. She must watch American soap operas.

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