Minnesota Democrat Caught Lying About Combat Service In Afghanistan

Congressman Tim Walz (D, MN-1), please call your office.

Tim Walz was elected to Congress in 2006, with a great story of being inspired to run after being turned away at a President Bush campaign event in Mankato. I left for Iraq in early 2006 and was then a resident of Carver County in the 2nd Congressional District, so I didn’t pay much attention to his election. But when I returned from Iraq and became a resident of Owatonna, I found myself curious about my new Congressman. Looking at his website, I saw that he was a National Guard veteran like me, who ‘served with his battalion in support of Operation Enduring Freedom’. Operation Enduring Freedom is the name of the US military operation in Afghanistan, so I was thrilled to learn I was being represented by a combat vet. Tim Walz is a retired Command Sergeant Major from the Minnesota National Guard, so I thought I had left one congressional district represented by a veteran (John Kline, USMC retired) and moved to a new one represented by a veteran.
It took me about two months to realize that Congressman Walz, contrary to the statement on his official congressional website, did not serve in Afghanistan. He served in Italy, in charge of base security.

Go to the link for the whole story.
Walz deserves credit for having served in the National Guard at all. That service alone is a credit to his character. But embellishing a service record, and claiming honor for combat service you didn’t actually render, is about as bad as lying about being in the military in the first place.

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