Midcontinent Communications: Best Cable Company Ever?

Cable companies are notorious for poor customer service, and usually when you read an online posting about a cable company you’re hearing a rant about some horror story. This isn’t one of those.

I use Midcontinent Communications for my cable and internet services at home. I’ve always had pretty good luck with them, which is a good thing as I’m rather dependent on my internet connection. I work from home. I broadcast my radio show over an internet connection. During my shows, I stay in touch with my producer and keep track of callers via instant messenger. If my internet is down, I can’t work.

Recently, though, my internet did go down. After spending about five minutes on the phone with customer support, they sent out a technician. He arrived at my house a half an hour later, and an hour after that he had my internet back up with a temporary fix (apparently the problem is old cabling on the outside of my house which couldn’t be replaced last night due to the weather).

I posted a tweet about the visit, and to my surprise Midcontinent (who I apparently started following on Twitter at some point) responded:

I thought that was pretty cool, so I replied saying that I needed to schedule a technician to come out and replace some cable. And what happened next floored me. I got these two responses:

I’m not sure what I did to warrant such personal attention, but it’s much appreciated! And before you ask, no Midcontinent doesn’t pay to advertise on the blog nor do they pay to advertise on my radio show (though I wouldn’t say no, hint hint).

Call me a dork, but I’m thoroughly impressed. And I wanted to give the company some credit. Again, usually when people write about the companies they do business with on the internet they’re complaining. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sharing those sort of experiences are important. But sometimes it’s important to share the good experiences too.

By the way, while I wrote this post I responded to Midcontinent saying that Monday would work great for a technician to stop by and sure enough they scheduled it for me.

Rob Port

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