Michigan Ponders Allowing Protection of Schools With Guns. UPDATE: Vetoed


What would be the last thing you’d expect given the torrent of anti-gun sentiment, aided and abetted by an ignorant and/or duplicitous media?  How about the first actual, real piece of legislation that reflects a new hard line on gun rights common sense approach that has precedent both in the US and internationally, thoughtful advocates, but that gets almost zero attention from the media and is dismissed out of hand by the left.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is considering signing a bill that would allow concealed guns in public schools just four days after the massacre of 20 pupils in Connecticut.

The Michigan bill, approved by the legislature less than 24 hours before the Newtown killings, is a practical way to let teachers who’ve completed training protect themselves and their pupils, said Senator Tom Casperson, a Republican sponsor of the bill. He said some teachers at the Connecticut school died trying to shield children.

“To me it gives them a chance,” he said.

The measure, which also would permit firearms in hospitals and stadiums, is among several under consideration in states including Ohio, Oklahoma and Alabama that would redefine where residents may carry or keep guns.

Needless to say, this is not law and may not become law.  But it is an actual proposal and that sound you hear is rubber meeting the road on this “conversation” that we keep hearing is wanted.  We’ll see how this goes, Michigan’s citizens and all manner of messy pluralistic, democratic processes will get to work on expressing their view on this one.  It just may well be that the gravitational forces of a free society pull this proposal over the line into what’s known as “law.”  Then the conversation will be moving in earnest.

UPDATE:  Vetoed.

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