Michelle Obama Is Getting A Lesson In Supply And Demand


As a part of her War on Fat People, First Lady Michelle Obama promised to solve the nation’s problem with food deserts. That we didn’t know we had a problem with food deserts is beside the point. Michele Obama was going to fix it for us, and she got commitments from big retailers to open stores selling produce in these food deserts.

Because that’s how the left thinks the economy works. They think the government decides what the people want, and the people just fall in line. But the real world doesn’t work that way. The retailers who had made promises to open the stores aren’t opening them, because it turns out that these “food deserts” kind of existed for a reason.

(Bloomberg) — After vowing to open more than 1,000 stores selling fresh fruit and vegetables in underserved urban neighborhoods, or “food deserts,” grocers have opened a fraction of them, putting in jeopardy Michelle Obama’s effort to improve food choices for low-income Americans.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT), which said last July it would have 300 food-desert stores nationwide by 2016, has opened 23 and delayed opening some locations after a backlash from activists. Supervalu Inc. (SVU), which pledged to double to 2,376 its Save-A-Lot stores, has slowed the pace of openings amid declining sales and scarce financing for its licensees. Meanwhile, grocers are opening stores in wealthier urban enclaves.

An expert quoted in the article attributes the failure of this plan to the people in the food deserts not having any money. If the people in the food deserts were starving that might be the cause, but remember this was an anti-obesity program. The poor people aren’t starving. They’re too fat.

Given that it’s a lot more expensive to eat fast food every day, as opposed to buying meats and produce and cooking your own food, the problem isn’t wealth and affluence. The problem is the choices these people are making. People in food deserts are choosing fast food and junk food over healthier types of food.

Because the left likes to believe that everyone is a victim, of course they’d believe that the food deserts problem (to the extent that it is a a problem) is the result of circumstance as opposed to the choices people are making.

Some people just make bad choices. Unless we’re going to end people’s ability to make choices (and believe you me, sometimes I get the feeling that’s just what people like Michelle Obama want to do) we’re going to have to accept the bad choices the make for themselves.

Rob Port

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